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Bronze Dog Pack

  • Hosting Plan S35
  • Over $200 in free software
  • Your Choice of HotDog Editor
  • Free Domain Name
  • All supertools

Total Annual Cost US$199.95

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HotFTP 1.0

Cost: US$24.95

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"Slick and Quick no nonsense FTP client"

HotFTP is a File Transfer client that has the features you need. Most importantly transfers are executed quickly, efficiently moving files between servers or your machine and a server.

Designed to be simple for the intuitive user, the interface features drag and drop, transfer queues, and a scheduler. No nonsense features such as connection logs, server directory statistics and the ability to change file attributes, give you the basics you need and statistics you want.

HotFTP will certainly be compared to the array of FTP clients available in the market. However when comparing resource usage, speed and price you are sure to keep coming back to the new hot option!

Try HotFTP free for 21 days.

HotFtp feature list:
  • Ergonomic interface, 4 Pane navigational view. It’s all there in one screen, no confusing switching of windows and screens popping all over the place.
  • Easy setup of server lists, with just a username, password and a server name you can connect within seconds.
  • Full statistics on each server used.
  • Compares remote and local directories for a fast overview of the difference in directories.
  • Beginners and advanced mode, we made sure that everyone can use this tool, beginners don't want to bored with all the technical bells & whistles, but advanced users do. HotFtp caters both, just pick the mode you want to run in and you're set to go.
  • Show selective output, filter filenames on the server and only show those you want to see.
  • Supports drag and drop transfers.
  • Supports files drag and drop from windows explorer.
  • Supports drag and drop to file queue's.
  • Supports HotDog Professional's Internet server configuration files.
  • Supports seamless integration with HotDog Professional.
  • Supports last login path information.
  • Supports resume broken off file transfers.
  • Shows transfer rate real-time while you transfer files.
  • Supports Passive transfers.
  • Supports anonymous logins.
  • Supports subdirectory downloads.
  • Supports connections through proxy server.
  • Supports scheduled actions.
  • Support file/directory attribute change.
  • Supports remote directory caching for fast navigation.
  • Quick remote directory select, via an easy pull-down menu you can jump back to previous directories on the server.
  • All functions and features you need for either local or remote systems are all there located in their respective pane, making it easy for you to quickly transfer data.
  • Has Remote and local file queues which are easy to maintain.
  • Ability to send custom FTP commands to a connected server.
  • Safety: Stores your passwords encrypted so no one can use them.
  • Command-line support, which allows you to fully automate HotFtp.
  • Play sounds on ftp related events (if switched on).
  • Detachable menus, detach and place the menus you use most often anywhere you want on screen.
  • Resize the navigation panes via the handy sliders.

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