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Boomer 4.0

Boomer 4.0

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What are its benefits?

1. This special promotion will only be available for a limited time. Take advantage now. The regular sale price of Boomer alone is $69.95

2. No more clunky media players to load. Fast and Reliable. Your results are viewable now..... right now.

3. Almost half a billion users viewing in this format. Installed by default with most browsers.

4.  Create Flash Movie Web Buttons, Logos, Banner Ads or Slideshows  for your Web site. Fast, clean, audio/video presentations. 

5.  Add streaming audio to your Web pages that works at 56.6kb.

6.  Panning, fade-in, fade-out,  transitions, carousel effects and more.  

Friendly and Fast Creations

We added a bonus that wasn't going to be in this version.

1.  Do you want fast clean rendering at flash speed?

2.  Tired of those gray boxes that state "loading..."?

3.  Would you like to post 50 or more banners at a time that will load immediately and have a separate link for each one or a different audio file?

4.  Do you want some transitional effects included?

5.  Do you want to make slide shows of events, product overviews or maybe just of your cat named Mittens?

6.  Do you want to be able to create what you want when you want without paying the costs for Java Applets?

7. Do you want to stream slideshows or video from that digital camera you received for Christmas. Even better if you have movie mode.
Simple to use

1. Just drag and drop and convert. That's all there is to it. 

2. Convert any static or animated GIF, JPEG, PNG or AVI to the Shockwave Flash format.

3. Convert your WAV and MP3 files seamlessly. Just drag and drop them into Boomer Audio and convert. With MP3s just right click and convert.

4. Embed audio and video links in your streaming creation.

5. Optionally produce a complete Web page with the correct HTML code generated automatically by Boomer v4.0.

6. Faster load times, smaller file sizes, and a free format that unlike other formats, carry no additional charges for its use.

What you need to know!

This means any flash movie that you create with Boomer v4.0 will have the ability at your option to have an audio,  Web page links or both in the same creation. All you have to do is drag and drop. You're in control. This also provides additional protection of your creation.

How's that? Well if someone decided to "borrow" the Web art you just spent hours or days creating you could make it an automatic benefit to your site. It will always link back to you.

Another advantage of using Boomer is that you wont need to pay royalty fees. The GIF graphics format (both animated and static) that you would use if you did not have access to a tool like Boomer is owned by CompuServe and royalties can be collected for  using their format on the Web.

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